How To Become a Famous Singer

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Want to become a Famous Singer? Follow these Steps to become the next pop star

In this era of singing competitions and reality shows, everyone can see how young talents have shot to instant fame overnight. And behind their success lies their hard work, dedication and persistence and the will to succeed. For many aspiring singers, who want to make it big, have a big question hanging over their head, how to become a famous singer? If luck and time plays a part, it is the dedication that will show you the path to success.

how to become a famous singer

Make your dreams come true

How to Become a Singer?

First and foremost, you need to believe in yourself and your dream from the beginning. There will be always a certain set of people who may support you and some who may criticize you. And it is up to you to defend yourselves and answer them appropriately.

There are many real life stories of people who quit their 9 to 5 office jobs to make singing as their career, as they believed that their true passion is singing. And some may have succeeded and some may not. And the reason that some people succeeded, because they believed in their dreams right through the way, till they became successful.

And whenever a doubt creeps into your mind, just remember to carry on until you succeed.



Education is the Foundation

It never matters that you’ve got a beautiful voice, a voice that can attract many people, but if you need to be successful, you definitely need to take music lessons. As the music lessons will form the basic foundation for your career as it will help to improve your voice quality and range. A voice coach can do wonders to your voice quickly than you practicing by yourself for years. The coach will be able to teach you the correct posture, breathing procedures and other techniques which will definitely help you to master scales, rhythms and melodies. You can opt for a course in a university, where there are now specific courses for aspiring singers to develop you into the next Broadway pop star. The course provides lessons on music theory, music composition and many other subjects. Or you look for a private vocal coach to impart all the necessary skills to become a famous singer.

Ask your coach “how to become a singer?” see what’s his or her response would be and focus on the qualities he points out in you that needs improvement and give more attention to those to correct that and master those qualities.



How to start a singing career?

Once you are ready after taking all the lessons and practiced a lot, it’s time for you look out for opportunities. You can very well approach music venues and other audition opportunities for kick starting your singing career. Make sure to have several copies of your CD containing all information about yourself, some samples of your voice and a picture of yourself. One more idea is to have a web page about yourself will al details about yourself. Nowadays you can get a 4-5 page website by spending only a few dollars, or you can very well create a webpage for yourself, as there are a lot of free Do it Yourself (DIY) website builders available or just create a blog on BlogSpot or other famous free blogs, which can be done in hours.



How to Record a CD Demo for Distribution

To showcase your skills and let everyone know about your voice qualities, you should provide various people with some sample of your music. To create some sample of your music, you ca either purchase a recording software like audacity, which is literally free to download and also allows you to record audio live and also enables to convert those tracks into different sound formats. These software’s also come packed with a lot of features like the option to change the speed and pitch of the sound, edit audio and add some effects etc., to make you sound the best. But if you are not sure about all this, you can very well approach a sound recording studio and have them record your voice and create CD of high quality.

Once you are done, try visiting some places like coffeehouse, bars and other places where you think they’ll hire singers. Drop them your CD’s or visiting cards with your information. And if you are trained in a professional manner through universities, you can very well rely on the placement opportunities provided by those universities. But always remember, never to lose confidence and stay focussed on your goals of becoming a great singer. Yes, there may be some rejections along the way, but try to overcome to turn your dreams into reality.



Utilize the Power of Social Media

Social media is a great platform for promoting yourself. Open Facebook and twitter accounts dedicated only for all your singing and invite your family and friends into that. If you do get a chance to perform live somewhere, make sure to post it on social media, so the news goes out. Make sure to create an aura in your community as a singer and performer, so that no one will forget you to call you for singing in any of their events.



Market Yourself as a Singer

If you have all the basic qualities of a singer, it doesn’t mean that promoters and others will come to you with offers. It is up to you to market yourself, either by hiring some professional agency or doing it yourself. Unless the industry knows that someone exists with a very good quality voice, how would someone come to you?

The first step is getting people to know that a singer like you exist in this world. And having letting them know, you need to make them listen to you. It is easier said than done, as it involves a lot of hard work to make it happen.

Also understand that you are not the only singer who’s vying for people’s attention, but there are hundreds of singers out there trying out all different ways to get people’s attention. So, unless you market yourself in a unique and different way than others.




Becoming a famous singer takes a lot of commitment and hard work. People reached these pinnacles because they never lost focus on their goals and believed in their dreams throughout the way. So, always remember to focus on your goals until you reach the summit.