How to Find a Singing Style

Find your Singing Sytle

Finding Your Own Style

As you learn how to sing, you will find out that it’s easy to mimic the style of other singers. But without different singing styles, everyone would sound the same when singing. People would just sing notes without making music. That’s why it should be your goal to find your own original singing style. Only if you have a unique style, you will be able to differentiate yourself from other people and succeed as a singer.

When you first start out, you will need some help to find our own singing ground, so let’s have a look at how to find a singing method and the things you should always keep in mind.

Style Should Feel Natural

If you feel comfortable doing something, it will become your way of doing it. Just like wearing certain clothes. Don’t be afraid to be unique as long as it feels natural. When trying to come up with your own style, you can and should listen to your favorite artists, but don’t just copy one of them. You could, for instance, mix each of their distinctive sounds to create your sounds though.

Another way to is to take a look at your music collection. Is there a certain type of music in your collection that you like more than anything else? The type of music you listen to over and over again might already be a style that is good for you. However, you also need to sing and listen to different types of music to find out if there is something that you like the best or have an emotional connection with.

Improvise and Play With Phrasing

Improvise from time to time. It’s not necessary to make major changes to a song, but something like adding your own little twist to the melody can already be enough to help. You can also try to change the phrasing a little bit, as phrasing is a big part of style. In general, you can always try to interpret and sing songs the way you feel most comfortable with, as it will help you to perform the way you love.

Record Yourself and Listen to Feedback

You might already know that you should record yourself when you practice so you can evaluate your singing and learn how to sing better. If you record yourself, you can also find the unique characteristics of your voice. Just listen back to the recording and search for everything that is unique. Oh and don’t worry if you don’t like your voice, most singers don’t like their own voice on recordings.

Also, don’t try TOO hard to introduce style. You may even end up spoiling a performance if you overdo things. Some people don’t have to do anything and already have a unique singing style. You should always listen to feedback from other people or your audience to find out what works for you, especially if you just started to learn how to sing.

Every singer needs to find a good singing technique. It is so important because only if you learn how to sing you will be able to make a name for yourself. Find your style and you will stand out from the crowd.

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