How to Become a Famous Kid Singer (from ages 10 until 17)

How to become a famous kid singer

How To Become a Famous Young Singer 

Have you been asking if you are too young to become a singer? maybe you think you are too young, or too old to start. You have come to the right place. Trying to become famous is never easy. Do you have what it takes to be a popular singer, that everyone looks up to? That moves crowds and emotions. that make people stop and listen to your music, for hours on end. This is a gift that not everyone has…

But with hard work,


Commitment to Study and Practice,

You can be a great singer at any age actually…

There isn’t a best age to start singing lessons, everyone can sing at any age, it’s something natural for everyone if they aren’t trying to perform like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston, this will require pratice.

Learning to become a singer is not an easy task, but is perfectly achievable if you know what to do and have the right guidance. And yes I mean vocal classes.

One of the first things you should ask yourself is if it is too late to learn how to become a kid singer. Well, is it?

Not in the slightest degree, its still possible to be a famous singer even if you are 10 years or younger, just look at Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and several other artists, they all become famous singers as teens. Your voice is evolving as you grow. On the off chance that it hasn’t been quite a while after your voice changed to lower, relax, it might take a while that you find your full range.


Youngest Professional Singer 

The World Record of ‘most youthful expert singer’ has been accomplished by child Neeti Kothari (2 year and sixth month) from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. So, as you can see, anyone at any age can be a great vocalist.

In the event that you didn’t have other music training, such as playing an instrument or reading music, some fundamental exercises would help as well, and you could consider getting a good vocal coach. Realize that, if you didn’t had any proper training before,  you will have to speed you vocal training to catch up with other music students that already have been studying for years. All things considered, this all depends on your dedication and urge to become a singer.

This will most likely mean reducing a ton of your time doing different other things, such as spending time with comrades, playing computer games, and seeking after different interests. So you need to truly approach and make a decision if you truly need to make this devotion to singing your main objective.


Convincing your parents

Convincing Your Parents

Not all parents are created equal, and convincing your parents that you want to pursue a singing career can a difficult thing to do.

It is advisable that you prepare beforehand for the talk, actually writing a small essay can help as this shows commitment. It will be easier if you do so, as many parents will be resistant about the idea initially.  

Since turning into a vocalist will be a great deal of work for both you and your folks, you have to demonstrate them you have put a ton of thought into this choice notwithstanding your young age. They will be worried if it isnt too much for you to take, with school and all.  You should use the essay you wrote before to demonstrate to that you know what you’re saying.

On the off chance that you need to approach them for singing exercises, investigate it early so you realize the amount they cost, where they are offered, and so forth. 

My Parents are Suportive

My Parents Got my Back

When you have great parents that will do everything for you and always back you up no matter what, you are in a good position to go for the sky when it comes to your singing career. This can grant you a good singing teacher, and something to come back on to improve your performing skill.

My Parents are Absent or Dont Care

My Parents Couldn’t Care Less

This is a reality for many aspiring singers, and sometimes you got to ear things you don’t like, but still, it is possible to learn with cost-effective methods, this only means that if you really want to become a singing star,  you only rely on yourself and probably your friends. Consider taking free online singing lessons, as these will surely help you becoming a better singer. On youtube, you will find many talented vocal coaches that give free tips on how to become a better singer.

But still, you can become famous, if you put the time and the effort… sites like can help you in your singing path, as it provides several tips and information about singing

Quitting Classes and Regular Teaching to Pursue a Singing Career

This is not advisable, as singing is only one of the skills that you can learn, you should always maintain a good studying habit, of singing and in your main academic classes. Until you arent a famous kid singer, you should also focus on your studies.

Talk to your parents, and try to show them that you really want to pursue your dream and try to meet them halfway, because most parents will not like the idea, of you wanting to quit school to dedicate 100% to your singing career. Everything has its time, make it a priority to finish school always. Being able to focus on your academic career as well as your singing path will give you the tools to become a great singer.


Get Social when you are sharing your music

Using Social Networks to Your Advantage

We are all in the digital world now, information spreads like wildfire. If you have any vocal skills, you could showcase them on your social profiles. Who knows if a talented music agent doesn’t notice your music and gets in touch with you. The best social networks at the moment are Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Twitter.



If you are not using youtube on your musical portfolio distribution system, you are missing out. Anyone and everyone is on the most used social video network.

Anybody can upload a unique melody or cover to YouTube and hope that someone notices it. For some hopeful vocalists and performers, YouTube was the platform that helped them take their enthusiasm for music and transform it into an authority figure.

Probably the greatest YouTube music sensations weren’t even mature enough to drive when they were found, not to mention their capacity to steer their very own new professions in the spotlight. We already talked about Bieber, his story is quite compelling, he started uploading videos of him singing to youtube, eventually, he got found by a manager you flew with him to meet Usher. Long story short, he signed a contract with Island Def Jam Recordings.

In any case, a large number of them proceed to work with experienced leaders, makers and other understood specialists, signing million dollar contracts, releasing great singles to the public, and end up greater than they thought was possible.


Youtube can be a valuable asset to your music distribution process. When sharing your videos don’t forget to share on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Twitter. You have to create a social web, to get noticed by other people.


Improve your Video Editing Skills

If you are the one editing your videos, then consider improving your video editing skills. There are several videos on youtube that can help you with this.  Becoming familiar with software like Adobe Premiere, Adobe Premiere Elements, Final Cut, Corel VideoStudio, After Effects can take you a long way in making your singing videos stand out from the crowd.

Below you will find a quick tutorial on how to edit your videos


Learn To Dance as you Sing

Dancing / Performing and Singing at the same time can be scary and overwhelming, some people become self-conscious and that could screw up their entire performance. Regardless of whether you have aced the two independently, doing them in sync is not always easy without the proper training. The mix requires conscious and controlled breathing, stamina, and a great deal of training. Fortunately, there are steps to do so you can sing and dance like celebrities.

Below you will find a general overview of how to Dance and Singing

  • Learn to control your breathing
  • Take Deep Breaths
  • Feel yourself inhale and exhale
  • Watch yourself in a mirror to check your breaths
  • Practice Singing independently
  • Practice Singing independently
  • Practice singing and dancing together
  • Match your singing to the moves
  • Start a rigorous fitness regime to increase stamina
  • Record yourself
  • Get feedback from another person
  • Increase the difficulty of the songs and dances as you practice


Final Overview

As you can see, becoming a famous singer is not easy. But will dedication and discipline you will get there. If you haven’t done so, consider taking singing training, as this will help greatly with your singing skill. This article is far from finished. I plan to update it every month. I really hope that you found it useful, and will use the tips and tricks that were shared. May you be a great young singer.



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