How to Be a Better Singer

The Ultimate Guide On How To Be a better Singer


Learn the best tips and tricks on how to sing better. Whether you are an experienced singer or a novice trying to be famous, the advices on this article will help you achieve a vocal mastery only the best singers in world are able to reach. With the help of the several exercises we have posted, this will be the start of your vocal growth as a singer. Dont forget that pratice makes perfect. You will have to train your voice until you are able to master it, nothing happens overnight. Dont lose your patience if you are not able perform the exercises at first, just keep praticing. We hope you enjoy this guide on how to be a better singer. Continue reading …


how to sing better
Learning how to sing better is easy


Learn How to Be a Better Singer

(Tips and Tricks)


So, you really have a great passion towards singing and want to make singing as your career, but you think you can learn some more and you don’t have any idea about how to improve your vocal skills? probably considering getting a vocal coach? Don’t worry! Rome was not built in a day. You can still become a better singer, if you practice using the proper techniques and train your voice accordingly.  First, it’s important to respect the art of singing, as you would approach any profession.  Now let’s look at some tips and suggestions that can help you to improve your voice, range, reaching those difficult high notes, and also to improve your confidence to sing better. These basics are essential if you want to learn how to sing correctly and also so that you can avoid any problems with your voice. No personal coaching or online course is complete if you are not taught these basics right from the start.





 Part 1 – Getting the Basics Right

Learn how to be a better singer

The First step to improve your vocal skill, is to get your basics right when singing, especially if you are just starting out. The following simple steps will be invaluable, as they will really help in keeping your voice in top shape and quality. No skill can be mastered overnight, but with proper practice, regular warmup exercises, avoiding certain food and above all the confidence and the state of the mind, can help you be a perfect singer overtime. Try to understand the basics before going into the exercises. Practice, Practice, Practice…


Correct Posture

One of the basics of singing that you will need to learn is good posture and proper breathing support. Strict observance of these two factors will enable you to produce the finest tones from your voice. The best posture for singing is similar to that of a soldier standing at attention, but not as rigid. Posture is a very important aspect of singing. Always make sure you maintain a proper posture while singing, whether you are standing or sitting.

Pro Tips

  •     You shouldn’t tilt your body to either of the sides, but should keep it straight
    • You stand erect but with the body relaxed and with feet apart hip-width distance
    • Put your body weight forward, by keeping your legs apart, by placing one foot slightly forward from the other
    • Keep your hands relaxed, your shoulders should be kept back and make sure your chest is up and out and your chin should be held straight and parallel to the floor

Whenever someone asks how to sing better, one of the first things to focus is a correct posture.


Breathe from Your Diaphragm

Using your diafragm to sing better

Many people may not know the fact that the diaphragm plays a very important role if you want to improve your vocal skills. Had your voice been something like that of a computer, you could have easily made some small adjustments by using the mouse or by entering a few keyboard strokes. But singing is not that easy and it requires learning to control your voice from within, by effective use of some muscles. The diaphragm is a complex set of muscles which is connected to the lowest ribs. Apart from being connected to the ribs the diaphragm it is also connected to the back, top lumbar region and the sternum. The primary function of diaphragm is to facilitate inhaling. Though not directly involved in the function of exhaling, the diaphragm does control the muscles and aids in rapid exhalation of your breath. Exhalation is controlled by the abdominal muscles and system surrounding it which extends from the abdomen to the pelvis.


Below is a 4 Part video on how to sing using your diaphragm

To be a good singer, apart from having a good voice, where the function of the larynx is very crucial, controlling your breath is also very important and to this effect the importance of diaphragm muscles cannot be understated. However, this indeed is a tough job and it takes a lot of time and effort to train on breath controlling. Having a good voice with a strong larynx and a sound amplifier is just one part of the story as far as the need to improve your singing voice is concerned. Unless you are able to control and bring into full play the role of the diaphragm in singing, you would not be reaching the desired levels of success.

Proper breathing is also one of the most important things while singing. Try not to breathe from your chest, but from your diaphragm, so that your abdomen expands and not your chest while breathing. One of the secrets to maintain a good scale is learning to control your voice with the diaphragm. For example, while singing a note on an increased scale, you need to push down the diaphragm and release it, while on the down scale.


 Let’s Practice:

1 First, keep your hand in your stomach and slowly inhale through your nose.


2 And while you breath in and breathe out, your abdomen only should expand and contract respectively, and not your chest.It should be like doing a sit-up exercise.


3 Practice it daily, until it becomes natural while you are singing.


Take Care of Your Vowels

One more important thing to note is the use of vowels and consonants while singing. The reason that it is important to master this because, the music is inclined to the vowel sounds of each word in your lyrics, and if you get the sound wrong, then your voice and the music will not be in sync. By practicing the open throat technique, you can open your vowels much better.

Let’s Practice:

1Now try saying the vowels one by one A-E-I-O-U


2Now when you say this, the jaw shouldn’t close, and keep practicing this, until you can keep your jaw down


3Next, instead of saying, start singing the vowels by keeping the jaw open as earlier



Heres another training Video with warm up vowels exercises to train your voice



Increase your Vocal Range

Before you try to increase your vocal range, you need to know what it is all about and how to find it. The Vocal range is the level your voice can reach to the highest or lowest notes. And this is largely dependent on the individuals vocal chords. Michael Jackson had an extra-ordinary range of about 4 octaves. There are basically 7 kinds of voice types, namely Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, Countertenor, tenor, Baritone and Bass. Increasing or extending your vocal range doesn’t mean reaching outside your vocal range, but strengthening your voice when you reach the low and high levels of your vocal range.


Below is a video on how to increase your vocal range with simple exercises

Let’s Practice:

1Make sure you are doing good at the vowels exercise before coming here


2Don’t rush, but do it just half or one step at a time


3First practice by using short scales and make sure you get the new note correctly, before reaching the lowest or highest level


4One better way is to seek help of a vocal coach, for faster and effective way to increase your vocal range

Practice Lip Trills

Lip trilling is an exercise, where you use your lips to blow air through it. And by blowing air, your lips will tend to vibrate and flap with a brrrrr sound. Your lips won’t vibrate, if it’s tense. So try to relax yourselves and then do the exercise again. Or else, you can use your hands to pull your mouth, while doing the exercise. Also, practicing tongue trills will help you to relax them while singing.

Video with a Lip Thrill Exercise




Singing Better - Drink Water
Drinking Water is Good for your health


Drink Enough Water

Drinking water is always a good habit, not only to improve your singing qualities, but basically good for your health. In regards to singing, water can be of very much help in determining how good your vocal chord is maintained. Your vocal chords can be easier to open and close, if it is kept moist and cool, by drinking enough water. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday, this way you keep your vocal instrtument always hydrated. You can also try any other drink, that are de-caffeinated and non-alcoholic to the same effect, but why waste your money, when you get everything from the water. Also avoid cold drinks, as they can tense your muscles. Slightly warm water is always best for your throat. Make sure to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day for having your voice function clearly and also keep it moist and lubricated. A lot of people have a question of how to get a better singing voice, without knowing that it starts with drinking plenty of water.

Know your Voice areas

Everyone’s voice is made up of three areas namely, the Head register, the chest and the middle register. The range of notes that can be sung from that particular section of the body, is referred as the voice area. Your voice resonance changes when you move across these areas. And if you learn to control the transition, then your singing quality will improve to a larger extent.


Head Voice:

This is the higher area, where, it will vibrate in your head, when you sing those high notes.

Chest Voice:

This is the lower area of your voice, where it will vibrate in your chest, while singing the lower notes.

Middle Voice:

The middle area between your head and the chest, where the transition takes place from higher notes to lower notes.

When you go from a higher to a lower note, make sure you always shift to the proper voice area, or it will certainly affect your singing quality.


How to Sing and Master Your Voice
Going Deep Into Your Voice


Part 2 – Exercise Your Voice


Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to improve your voice quality through various exercises.

Practice Your Exercises Regularly

Practicing your vocal warm-up exercises regularly is very important in improving your singing quality. Commitment is the key, as doing the exercise one or two days in a week, won’t do any good. These exercises should be done every single day without fail, to strengthen your vocal chords and to enhance your voice. Like how warm up before doing a physical exercise to your body is important, warm is important before doing any vocal exercises too.

Practice Silence

When you are singing or speaking for a long time, you may tend to notice, that your voice starting to get rough. So it is good to give some rest to your voice. Giving rest to your voice, will also be able to strengthen your singing stamina. Many great singers and performers give ample rest to their voice, as they won’t be uttering a word the whole day or speak less. This enables them to develop a stronger stamina to sing for longer periods in concerts.

Maintain a Good Sleeping Routine

Maintaining a good sleep routine is not important for your voice, but important for your overall body. Only during your sleep at night, the body works to heal all your damages which you’ve done throughout the day. And if we don’t give the body enough sleep, this process of healing is disturbed. Also, when you go through your singing exercises, your muscle fibers tend to grow and adapt to the new exercises. And only during your sleep at night, that these new muscle fiber changes get integrated with your body.


Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle

A lot of people harbor the wrong belief that everyone knows how to sing. All that is needed is to open one’s mouth and belt out a song. Nothing can be further from the truth. A trip to a karaoke bar will show you that many wannabe singers can’t sing on key or with a rhythm. Others who do show potential are using their voices in unhealthy ways which may prove damaging in the long run.For any singer, whether they are doing it professional or just for fun, there are two very important singing goals that they should observe, namely:


  •  That their voices sound good.

  •  That they should know how to preserve it so that it lasts for their entire lives.


When it comes to voice preservation, no singer can go wrong by following a healthy lifestyle. To have good health and be physically fit, they should eat a nutritious diet, exercise regularly, and get the right amounts of sleep. Nothing can be more damaging to the voice than smoking, drug abuse, and excessive alcohol consumption.You have probably seen a lot of rock stars who love to party hard. But singers who have enjoyed longevity in their careers have shunned the deadly vices that brought an untimely end to such legends as Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin. Instead, they lived very healthy lives and cared for their voices, so that they continue to be loved by their adoring fans even up to the present time.


Quit Smoking

If you want to really improve your singing quality, please forget about smoking. It’s not just about that it’s bad for your health, but it can cause irreparable damages to your throat and lungs over time, when it is constantly exposed to the chemical particles in the smoke.


Use Your Speaking Time

You can practice your singing, when while you are speaking. With practice and attention, you can definitely cultivate a speaking voice that not only supports your voice, but also helps to enhance your singing quality as well. Speaking and singing is almost similar, as while speaking, you do the same way of letting the air in and out of your throat. We talk every time, and we can use that as an exercise to experiment how our local chords sound when we shout and speak slowly.

Get a Vocal Coach

There are quite a lot of people who have the god gifted ability to sing well because they have been endowed with a rich and melodious voice. For the others who are interested to make it big in the singing profession, or just want to improve their voice quality, training and regular practice could be a way forward. Singing is a tough art and even for those gifted with natural singing talents, a lot of practice and devotion is called for. The whole practice has to be started from the initial stages and each and every aspiring singer has to keep this mind if they want to improve over a period of time. Even in our education we cannot move straightway to grade VII just at the age of 4 or 5. The same applies to singing also and a step by step is the only way forward. As a budding and aspiring singer the first thing that we need to do is to identify and take the services of a good music and singing teacher. There are many music schools and colleges which provide very good and effective lessons and training schedules for such beginners.

You cant do everything alone. If you want to improve your singing quickly, then hiring a vocal coach is the best way to achieve that. When you practice for yourself, you won’t sometimes notice the mistakes you make, as you can’t hear yourself, unless you record it and hear it. Even if you record and hear later, you can’t always detect the mistakes an experienced vocal teacher would spot in seconds. A vocal coach will also make you understand all the mistakes you do with your posture, breathing and also will suggest you to follow simpler techniques.

Those who would like to go a step forward can also look into the possibility of hiring a private tutor who can come teach in the comfort of the home. Having identified a good teacher the next important thing is to develop a natural voice that is original. Never make the mistake of copying some other singer because by doing so you would be spoiling your own natural voice and would be falling behind in your singing skills by trying to imitate another singer.



Online Singing Courses

However, because singing lessons can be very expensive, you can get the training you need through online singing courses. No matter what form of training you prefer, you will be taught the anatomy of your vocal apparatus, how it works, and how to use it properly. These basics are essential if you want to learn how to sing correctly and also so that you can avoid any problems with your voice. No personal coaching or online course is complete if you are not taught these basics right from the start.



Sing Quietly

Try to sing quietly, unless you are learning a particular style of song that needs you to shout. Singing in a low pitch voice initially, will help you maintain control over your voice. You can feel the difference of how much intensity you can produce, when you sing quietly in a lower volume and also it helps to focus on your technique.

Ground Yourself

While singing a song with high pitched notes, your body will automatically tend to move upwards, when you are reaching for the high notes. But it is not advisable to move your body upwards, as when you put your weight downwards, you’ll get a more stabilized feeling and will allow you to hit your high notes easily and effectively.

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera Concert

Watch Professional singers

When you listen to professional singers, you can see the way they control their breathing, volume, posture and resonance. Try to replicate it, if you really like the style. It is no wrong to replicate someone’s style, while in the beginning of your career. The reason to replicate is, that would make you do things differently, which you won’t do normally.

Use a Microphone

While singing, you would frequently use a microphone, so learning to sing using a microphone is important. Make sure to get yourself used to holding a microphone and sing with it comfortably. Also, don’t buy those cheap ones, but buy a good quality microphone, as the cheaper ones, won’t resonate your voice clearly and effectively.



Record and Learn

Along with a microphone, a good set of speakers will help you listen to your voice, to notice the subtle mistakes you make while shifting from the higher to lower notes, breathing issues, etc. Sometimes it also helps to hear a live feedback while you are singing, to adapt and correct the mistakes quickly.


Singing is an art, which cannot be mastered overnight, but with practice and confidence along with a good state of mind, you can definitely cultivate a very good voice and become a much better singer. Hope you have enjoyed this article, that it has been helpful, and you have found the information you were looking for. If you liked it, dont forget to share it with your friends. Keep Praticing your vocal cords until you become an expert singer.

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