Breathing Exercises for Singers

breathing tecnhiques

Breathing Techniques to Help You impress your audience

Frequently, we discover that when we sing a song, the words don’t sound correct, the voice seems to lack conviction and can also be quite out of tune.

Of course, there are several reasons why this might happen with your singing but quite often these problems arise when singing due to incorrect breathing.

In every case, with the right breathing techniques for singers mastered, the quality of your singing can improve and impress the audience to a much better degree.

Change The Way That You Sing

The right breathing techniques for singers will alter the way that you sing plus ensure that things will go much smoother when belting out even the trickiest types of songs.

This is the reason why every singer worth listening to has had to master breathing techniques for singers. They have gone through long hours practicing over and over breathing techniques for singers that help them to have better control of their melodies and their vocal phrasing.

The most basic aspect to learning breathing techniques for singers is that you must first begin with understanding the correct breathing format. You should stand with both feet spread to hip distance apart, make sure your knees are unlocked while your abdominal region is relaxed. Finally, you need to position your head in an upright position and allow your eyes to just focus directly ahead. If you want to become a better singer keep reading…

After you have got familiar with this posture down you should then begin your breathing exercises. Try closing your eyes, take some time inhaling and exhaling at a very slow and deliberate pace. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Take deep breaths which should feel like they’re coming from the bottom of your lungs and make sure you keep your shoulders back and relaxed.

Another basic breathing exercise for singers is to move the left ear, let it touch your shoulder as you breath out and then count to ten. Next circle the head forward and repeat counting up to ten after which you need to move your right ear to your right shoulder. After you complete this, raise your head back up to its original posture and pause as you count to ten. These steps can then be repeated in the opposite direction. Afterwards you should notice a bit more progress in your ability to sing freely and also strongly.

Below is video on how to breathe correctly in order to improve your vocal skill


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