10 Tips For Writing The Perfect Song

Writing your own Special Song 

10 Songwriting tips


Tips on How to Write the Perfect Song

Lets face it, writing a spetacular melody is not easy. Even if everyone tells you that it is. You have to be focused and inspired. And you have to be aware of some important points that i will write below. 

1. Use chord progressions which are acceptable and easy to use or develop.

Try initially to stick to the Harmonic Scale as your basic framework for creating chord progressions.

2. Don’t make the melody too complicated, make it memorable. . Re-write the lyrics to a melody you like or re write the melody to lyrics you like. Sometimes it can be useful to write a Chorus first.

3. Keep the range of the melody practical, neither too high nor too low. Also freestyle sing, wail, rap or anything and record it and if any good melodies and lyrics jump out use them to start writing a song. I quite often improvise as I’m walking I’ve  even done it in ski lifts, a bit like jazz ‘do –ba- be doo-dah’!!! good fun(on your own!)

4. Establish the key or tonality early on in the song. Make or find music or backing tracks that you like and write lyrics and a melody to them. This could be any of the following:

Write your own instrumentals. Learn to play an instrument. The basic chords needed to write a hit song need only to be simple. Start with I,IV, and V chords ( e.g  in the key of G:-  G, C and D(D7)

5. Use sequences to develop the tune so that a rhythmic ‘pattern’ is easy to hear and see. Find a guitarist or pianist and record chord progressions with them and then write a melody or words to them.

6. Don’t be afraid to use different Time forms, not always 4/4. Try 3/4,6/8 and others

Find a good way of recording and filing your ideas to go back to later. Use a handy voice recorder to save your ideas and ‘motifs’ to use later.

7. Edit lyrics that go on and on and try not to ‘say too much’. Write about any subject, about matters that are important to you, then pick out all the good lines and ideas and make a song.

Listen to music that fits our mood. We can sometimes feed depression with sad love songs. The musical style of sad songs can be more appealing at times and likewise, some musical genres lend themselves better to sadness. When we are sad we want sympathy and the sympathy comes in sad songs. Think of using the minor chords and keys which lend themselves to this feeling. It has an incredible way of comforting the soul and tends to give us company throughout our misery.

An example to listen to  is: James Blunt’s  ‘Goodbye My Lover’

8. Ensure the pulse and meter are easy to understand and gives the song a good feel and Rhythm. The chorus and the hook of the song are really important so keep notes of good ideas.

9. Spend at least as much time on the writing as the recording and backing tracks.

Pick a genre and get really good at that. Stick with it for a while, listen to examples and analyse the words.

10. Change anything you feel doesn’t feel right, sound right, look right or doesn’t add anything to the song. Try to remember to write about things that you want more of, in your life as this makes songwriting a really positive experience.

Have confidence and enjoy your creating and eventually…YOUR CREATION.


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