What is an Holistic Vocal Coach? and Should you get one?

What is an Holistic Vocal Coach

What Is an Holistic Vocal Coach? And Why You Should Find One…

Want to approach your vocal training as a whole? Then an holistic vocal coach could help you become better with your vocal apparatus. Actually that decision can help with your personal life aswell. Keep Reading…

Everyone knows whats a vocal coach , but what about with the “holistic” attached to it?

Holistic is a term related to holistic medicine which is a type of healing/philosophy that considers the entire individual – body, brain, soul, and feelings – in the mission for ideal wellbeing and health.

Its main theory says that the entire individual is comprised of related parts and in the event that one section is not working appropriately, the various parts will be influenced. Thusly, if individuals have unstable aspects (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives, it can adversely influence their general wellbeing. You can check wikipedia for a more in depth information on the subject.

Holistic Practioners apply several different types of treatment procedures to help their patients assume liability for their own prosperity and accomplish an ideal life in all fields.

Each Holistic Doctor, depending on their training, will have different techniques to address the imbalance of the patient, mainly:

Education on way of life changes and self-care to improve the overall quality of life. These may include eating regimen, exercise, psychotherapy, relationship and spiritual guiding, and that’s just the beginning.

These may also include other optional treatments, for example, acupuncture, chiropractic care, homeopathy, massage therapy, naturopathy, phytotherapy and others.

So, an holistic vocal coach is someone that will address your vocal training as a whole, and not only your singing. He/she will help you focus on the umbalanced aspects of your life to influence the way you see yourself in a effort to improve your voice and your life in general.

Who could benefit from a vocal coach?

Anyone can benefit from having a holistic medic around, but one focused on vocal training will be most beneficial to everyone that is dependant on their voice to make a living or has the objective of improving their voice, mainly:

1 Professional or amateurs singers and actors: as they rely heavily on their vocal skills, and may need help in overcoming performance anxiety. Training will include: Improving vocal health with healthy nutrition, breathing and relaxation techniques, ways to reduce accent, and the list goes on.

2 Speakers and Presenters: learning how to be a good public vocal presenters, speaking well in public, building confidence and self esteem, and knowing how to connect with your audience when you communicate. How to project your voice, how to be clear and succinct when presenting an idea, learning how to improvise when needed. Improve resonance and pitch.

3 TV/Radio/video host: don’t think I need to explain much more, as their voice is what makes them good or not in the profession.

4 Musicians, performers of any kind could also benefit from an holistic vocal teacher


May you already had an experience with a regular vocal coach and didn’t liked it, or a friend told you about this different syle of vocal training, and you thought to yourself: maybe I could benefit from this. Either way I hope this article has been able to provide the information you needed and helped your decision to maybe try one to see if it could benefit your voice training as a whole.


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